The Great Music Club

Host Mike Shannon

The Great Music Club with Mike Shannon Playing the hits that are long forgotten. Friday's at 7pm (CST)

Christian Music Rewind

Host Shaun Michael's

Christian Music Rewind offers Classic christian pop hits you already know Saturdays 8am to 10am (CST)

Deep Cuts In The Wolf Den

Host Monty Wolf

Deep Cuts In The Wolf Den with Monty Wolf playing classic AOR (album oriented rock) 70s style Saturdays 10pm (CST)

Just Jazz

Host Steve Hart

Just Jazz offers some of the coolest classic contemporary jazz from the 80s and 90s Sundays 7pm (CST

Charting in The USA Country Style

Host Chuck Shorter

Charting In The USA-Country Style is a Top 30 countdown show featuring the Top 30 Country songs in the USA for that broadcast week in a particular year according to the Billboard charts Sundays 12 noon (CST)


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